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Max: Pima County
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Chan: Soaz BoarderPatrol
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Emerson:OVPD - retired
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Bronco & officer Berner: Chandler
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Ranger & officer fernandez: Avondale
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Berry & officer fitch: Chandler - retired
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Massage time!

We are so grateful for the service of our AZ state retired & active K9s.
Law enforcement agencies have used K9 units for hundreds of years with a sense of smell
10,000 times more acute than their human counterparts w and athletic abilities well beyond
even the most impressive men, K9s serve as an invaluable member of the military & police
force, which provide protection,love,& companionship for their human counterparts.
Unfortunately those benefits come at a price.Most K9s after active service go home with
their handlers. These retired K9s require ongoing medical care, with the cost of care being
absorbed by their handler.Medical care for Retired K9s can be very costly to these handlers
that continue to care for our Retired K9 Officers.

AZ K9 Heroes commends these K9s for their dedication to helping serve our communities
on a daily basis. We are proud to assist our Retired K9s and their handlers with the costs of
their medical care.
K9 Heroes is proud to provide Health Insurance Policies for our Retired K9 officers, along
with the supporters in the community.

AzK9 Heroes honors the Past, Present, and Future K9 Officers

Barbara Bridges
Founder/Executive Director
K9 Heroes
501(c) EIN#81-3386105